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It’s not a skirt!

December 30, 2008

I recently became the proud owner of a kilt. I purchased it mainly for hiking and the tartan (pattern) which most often shows your clan (family or group of families you belong to) is “Leatherneck.” My Scottish heritage is through my mother’s side and is of the Gunn clan.

There is also a law enforcement tartan, so I have several choices for future purchases. Although, I don’t think I’ll switch over my entire wardrobe J

I wore mine recently while we were visiting Colonial Williamsburg. I found I was not the only man wearing a kilt there, and had the pleasure of meeting the other gentleman yesterday while visiting Yorktown. It turns out his name is Rocky and he is a kilt maker. (No wonder he has so many J

I also received as a Christmas gift, a belt and sporran (the pouch worn with a kilt) from a dear friend. These had belonged to her father and had no doubt been worn with pride. I wore the buckle and sporran while we were in Williamsburg.

The picture below was taken on a recent outing to Moore’s Creek battlefield. Although, I must admit, I think the Highlanders were on the wrong side on that one!