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Dead Sea Scrolls

December 23, 2008

My wife and I went to see the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit yesterday. The exhibit was very informative and interesting – but if you’re planning to go don’t expect too much from the actual scrolls.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but in the dark you’re not actually going to make out any of the writing. Still, it is amazing just to lay eyes on these pieces of history.

The rest of the exhibit brings a lot of OT and NT history to life. Each tour comes with an audio guide to walk you through each display. There are architectural representations of the buildings at Qumran. There coins, cloths and even a pair of leather sandals. (The kid wearing Rainbows in the Christmas play wasn’t far off, apparently! J

It took about an hour and a half to go through at a fairly steady pace. Gas for a round trip to Raleigh $15. Admission to the Dead Sea Scrolls $22. Spending the day with my wife priceless J

The link to the museum is here –