“I am Resolved…”

But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself with the king’s food, or with the wine that he drank. Therefore he asked the chief of the eunuchs to allow him not to defile himself.” – Daniel 1:8

Temptation. Everyone has, and everyone will, face it. What will you do when that time comes? We often hear folks say, “Well, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.” Or, “It depends what it is. How should I know till that time comes?”

Daniel and his friends didn’t take that approach. They faced a variety of temptations and challenges, yet they never gave in to any of those.

The key to their resolve is found in this verse, and others like it throughout the book of Daniel. He resolved he was not going to give in from the beginning. He didn’t wait to see what was on the menu. He didn’t wait to see what others would do. He didn’t look for excuses. He didn’t take a poll of popular opinion.

He resolved. He made up his mind before the temptation came. His friends did the same thing. Even if it cost them their lives – they were not going to do what they knew was not right.

The same thing will work for us – if we exercise that same type of resolve.

My prayer this week is you will resolve to the right thing, the right way, at the right time – all the time, by the strength God gives for each day.


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One Comment on ““I am Resolved…””

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I remember at a young aging knowing what I would do in certain situations and knowing I wouldn’t get into certain situations. My parents taught me, at a young age, what standards I wanted for myself and turning against temptations to get there. Great reminder as an adult.

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