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Here’s One You Probably Haven’t Heard

June 20, 2008

As I stated in a previous post, I am bi-vocational. My “other” job is as an instructor at the NC Justice Academy.

I have been a sworn law enforcement officer for almost 25 years. With that disclaimer in place – I continue . . .

There are a lot of things which have been said about Barack Obama some are untrue and others are, at best, unsubstantiated. This is one thing about him you probably haven’t heard.

When he was in Portland, OR shortly after Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Day, he drew a large crowd. Whenever a large crowd is expected there is a need for Porta-Johns. In this instance those portable toilets were set up on the Law Enforcement Memorial, at the base of the flagpole.

You can see the photo here

Folks, this is at best an act of ignorance and at worst blatant disrespect for the family of those officers who gave their life and those who are willing to put theirs on the line. The photo was taken by one of those officers who were there to ensure the safety of Mr. Obama and those attending his rally.

Within the past week we have lost two officers in North Carolina. My heart goes out to their loved ones, and to think that a toilet would be set up on a monument to honor their sacrifice is unfathomable.


All Gave Some, Some Gave All . . .

May 16, 2008

In a couple of weeks, we will pause as a nation to remember our fallen military members, those who gave “the last full measure.”

This week receives much less attention, but is also designated to remember those among us who have laid down their very life for the freedom we all enjoy.

This is Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Week.

Seldom do many folks stop to think the “front line” is so close to home. Men and women who serve as police officers, sheriff’s deputies, highway patrol troopers, game wardens and other municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement officers across the country leave home each day for the uncertainty of the “battlefield” of our streets and communities, not knowing if this day will be their last.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page ( , there have been 37 officers who have died in the line of duty so far in 2008. In 2007 there were 187.

I have served as a full-time police officer and currently as a reserve officer and chaplain. I can tell you first hand that these folks, just like our troops overseas, serve and sacrifice with a willing heart.

It would mean a lot for you to say “thank you” to the next officer you see. Their ultimate goal is to protect and to serve – you, your family and our nation.