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His Eye is on the Sparrow (and the dove, and You)

September 4, 2008

Well, it looks like we here in southeastern North Carolina are going to get at least a small dose of hurricane Hannah.

We are gathering up the small items from the yard and porch, and doing all the prudent things we are to do to get ready.

But the real preparation for hurricanes, and all of life’s storms, is to set your anchor in the One Who is in control. We were reminded of God’s providential care during a hurricane several years ago. As we went through the preparations for hurricane Fran, we noticed a mourning dove had her nest in a pear tree in our back yard. We knew she would be in for a rough ride, but there wasn’t anyway we could help her. That night Fran paid us a visit and hit our area with a fairly substantial blow.

As we surveyed the damage the following day, our power was out, our home had been damaged by a tornado passing by close enough to suck the windows from their frames, shingles gone, but praise be to God, we were all ok. As we were cleaning up, we noticed the dove. She was still sitting on her nest, which was still in the pear tree.

What a night she must have had! But, through it all, our loving God had His eye – and hand – upon her. How much more will He watch over us?

He may not always calm the storm, but He will calm us in the storm, whatever that storm might be.