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Appalachian Trail, Carver’s Gap Tennessee

July 30, 2009

The most legendary trail in North America has to be the Appalachian. While I admire the strength and stamina it takes to cover all 2000+ miles, it is not likely I will be able to undertake that endeavor. (There’s this thing called work – that keeps me away J )

However, we have made several day hikes and if you can’t do the whole thing, maybe you can enjoy it in pieces as we are.

Last year we went on a 6+ mile jaunt which included Max Patch Mountain, just west of Asheville, NC. That hike is highly recommended.

This year, we did two hikes on the AT, one just across the Tennessee line at Carver’s Gap. We headed north a couple of miles to the side trail up to Grassy Ridge and an elevation of 6,180 ft. The starting elevation was 5500 ft.

In that relatively short hike, we crossed three balds and had wonderful views. There is a fenced in section along Jane Bald which contains Angora goats which are kept there in an attempt to control the blackberry bushes which are threatening to take over the area. You can read more about it here –

The Roan Mountains are also home to Gray’s Lilly which can only be found in this region. The rhododendron were in bloom and it was a great day all around.

The hike up to Grassy Ridge was well worth the effort and we had lunch with a view words cannot describe.



    View from the top of Grassy Ridge

    Gray’s Lilly