Judging by the Looks of that Guy . . .

I learned a lot when I worked as an undercover police officer. I had the long, long beard, the earring. Some said I looked like I belonged with ZZ Top (for you young ones – that was a rock ‘n roll band back in the “the day.” J

One of the things I learned a lot about was being treated by the way I looked. I remember holding the door open for a lady at a restaurant, and she wouldn’t go through. She just stood and looked at me like I was going to knock her in the head if she got in front of me.

When I would go to someone’s office, people would move their stuff away from my side of the desk – so I wouldn’t steal their stapler I guess.

One of the funniest incidents took place when I met my wife for lunch one day when I had court, so I was dressed in a suit. An older lady she knew who was always ragging me about the way I looked came up and spoke to us– by the way, she had no idea what I did for living. I excused myself and told my wife I had to go back to court. This lady then informed me if I “got a different bunch of friends, I wouldn’t be in court all the time!” She was so precious!

But, all these folks were looking on the outside. Inside, I was still me. Often I find myself doing the very same thing. I catch myself judging someone by their appearance or what they are wearing. When I do, God kind of smacks me on the side of the head and reminds me that once that was me.

He, the true Judge, looks where it matters – at our hearts. And sometimes the cleanest folks on the outside are the ones most in need of “cleaning up” on the inside. So, instead of looking so hard at others, maybe . . .

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