“I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse” by Michael Franzese

What on earth could someone in legitimate business learn from a former mafia capo? Apparently, quite a bit. In “I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse,” Michael Franzese writes about how the lessons learned from conducting mob business can be applied in today’s business environment. He rightly points out the goal of both is to make money, the difference is in how it the goal will be accomplished. Franzese pits the philosophies of Machiavelli (the Mafia way) and King Solomon of Israel.

The advice given is very practical. From streamlining meandering business meetings to resemble Mafia “sit downs” where everyone knows the agenda and follows it to guarding against losing company funds to gambling addictions. Franzese’s style is very matter of fact and he makes it clear he does not advocate or condone any of the illegal or unethical behavior of his former lifestyle.

With his focus now clarified, the author makes it clear the true measure of success goes well beyond the bottom line. I would recommend this book to anyone in business, considering going into business or in any leadership capacity.

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