Fewer Idols – More Heroes!

We’ve seen an interesting progression, or “degression” in this country over the past couple of decades. In my dad’s generation, there were heroes – Audie Murphy, Sgt. York, even the make-believe guys like the Lone Ranger and Superman were based on the actions of doing good and helping people – but they were always humble. For example, the Lone Ranger was often gone before anyone got the chance to thank him.

Then when I was a child there were still heroes, but we also began to see the rise of superstars. People like Elvis were larger than life and sports stars were lifted up because of their talent event when their personal lives were a wreck.

These days we have seen the coming of age of the “idols”. These are people whose sole basis of their popularity is based on people’s opinion of them – whether they have talent or use that talent is not so much a question.

In other words, they are famous for being famous.

The situation is not hopeless. If godly men and women will stand up and be bold in their faith. There is a need for heroes, and what better place to find them than in our own homes?

Here are some “ABC’s of being a Hero.”

I.    “Absolutes”        
There is a need for people to know – and be committed to their principles – to draw a line and determine they will not cross that line – no matter what.

We live in a day when everything is so situational and it “just depends” as to whether something is right or wrong. What kind of hero is that?

That kind of attitude goes along with the crowd and there has never been a hero in history that did something just because it everyone else was doing it. Heroes do things because it is the right thing to do.

II.    “Bold”
It is possible to be a person of absolutes and be a wimp.

Being bold takes guts, it takes courage, it takes a boldness that is willing to make convictions known. Being bold means taking a stand for what is right and then standing up for what you believe in.

You family and friends need to know what you believe and they need to know you aren’t ashamed of it.

III.     “Christian Character”    
It’s possible to be a bold man of absolutes and be absolutely wrong and staunchly committed to the wrong things.

The compass that keeps a godly hero on target is Godly principles. “WWJD” is more than a bumper sticker or a bracelet.

May God give us more Heroes!

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