Another Step on the Road to Recovery!

As you know, there was a slight interruption in my plans to begin running in 5k’s, 10k’s, etc. J

Eileen and I had signed up to run in this weekend’s Race for the Warriors which helps raise money for the troops wounded in battle.

Well, I certainly won’t be running it, but I plan to walk the 5k. Eileen is going to run it, so I won’t be there this time to get a photo of her crossing the finish line, but I know she will do so in fine fashion.

I took the stress test earlier this week and see the cardiologist Monday. Rehab begins on Tuesday.

If you, or someone you know, is in the recovery process from a heart attack (that’s the only thing I can address from experience) please encourage them to improve and do what they can. I know sometimes it is our tendency to try to protect our loved ones, and NEVER do anything against the advice or instruction of your medical professionals, but do all you can to be an encourager.

I thank God, I’m surrounded by people who love me here at home, at church and at work both from my students and colleagues.

I’ll keep you posted and plan to do a post for recovering (PT) addicts J

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