With all their Heart

I participated in the “Run for the Warriors” www.hopeforthewarriors.org/r4w.html at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina yesterday. Of course, I had to walk, not run, due to my heart.

I was a little put out about that, because I wanted to run and I especially to run at Camp Lejeune. That’s where I developed a love for running as a Marine back in the early 80’s.

While I did not get to run, I was blessed to be able to walk. And I will run again, Lord willing, one day soon. My affliction is temporary. But there were those among us yesterday whose afflictions are not temporary. Many of the “wounded warriors” were there. Some in wheelchairs, some with canes, some with other physical impairments due to wounds received in battle. These guys were awesome. Some rode handbikes, some seemed to be doing good to walk. But, their spirits were undaunted.

Many of these guys fight to be able to show they are still physically fit to serve – some even going back into combat. But, they will face challenges for the rest of their life. Please keep these men and women, and their families, in your prayers. Help them when you can. Organizations such as Hope for the Warriors are doing an awesome job of looking out for these folks. They don’t want sympathy, they are warriors. And, in this fallen world of tyrants, dictators, despots and other enemies of freedom, we need warriors.

God bless them all, and Semper Fi.




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2 Comments on “With all their Heart”

  1. Amanda Hickey Says:

    Rev, I’m sure they appreciated your appreciation. If you want to check out what Lejeune’s deployed troops are up to, you can visit The Daily News’ Lejeune Deployed blog at http://lejeunedeployed.freedomblogging.com/

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