Trail Running Safety Tips

One of the folks I follow on Twitter is a young lady by the name of Jessica Linnell. She has a blog you can find here –

She recently posted a Top Ten Safety Tips list for hiking. You can find it here

It is very good. It inspired me to modify it slightly and post it as a “Top Ten” list for trail running. The only trouble was, all I could come up with were five. So, I’m open to a little help here if we need to get to 10 J

You see, I had just finished a trail run with some friends when I had my heart attack. The previous Friday, I had run that trail by myself. Fortunately, I had practiced these tips (a couple for the first time that day). And thankfully, I didn’t need them. But any of us could need them on any given day.

1. Make sure someone knows where you are and when you should get back.

2. Know your trails, or run with someone who does.

3. Carry some type of identification (I have a RoadID )

4. Know what seasonal conditions in the area (Is it hunting season? What wildlife might you encounter? What plants should you avoid?)

5. Check the weather forecast before you hit the trail, especially if hiking in the mountains. (The weather can change pretty drastically – quickly).


Thanks Jessica!

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One Comment on “Trail Running Safety Tips”

  1. Great tips for trail running safety! I’m glad you were able use tips at my site to help you with this post. I look forward to ready more of your posts in the future!

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