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Can You Stand One More Song?

March 24, 2009

I love the outdoors. Not just cause I’m a “manly man” (which I am J But, mainly because I see God’s hand at work all around me. I grew up in South Florida and I loved going to the beach during a thunderstorm just to watch the waves and the lightning. I’ve watched the slivers of light explode across the sky in a glorious sunrise over the ocean with my son as we were fishing first thing in the morning. I’ve watched the sunset from the side of a mountain with my lovely bride (of 27 years next week). And, every time, I am struck by God’s grace in giving us such reminders of Who He is.

This song is by a group called Ten Shekel Shirt and the song is “Ocean.”

The pictures here are beautiful, but they are of a particular family’s vacations to Hawaii. Even if you ignore the pics, listen to the words.