“I Just Can’t Imagine”

I often say, “I can’t imagine” to describe a variety of situations.” So today I thought I’d just write about a few things I really can’t imagine (no particular order)

– a world without beautiful sunrises and sunsets. What if God had decided to just “turn the lights on and off” each day?
– not having the friends I have. I’m sure yours are good, but mine are better 🙂 Many of you are on my list anyway
– being without my family. No other wife could complete me the way Eileen does and no other son could make me more proud of being a daddy.
– not having forgiveness. What if we were stuck with the guilt of every wrong we’ve ever done?
– not knowing the love of God. All of the above would be meaningless if I dis not know the “Amazing Grace” of God’s mercy, love and tender mercies.

Thank you, Lord for these and so many more blessings You have given me.

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