Angels Unaware

A few years back, on a Sunday afternoon, I was relaxing at my in-laws house. The phone rang and on the other end was a very distraught mother in Virginia (a lady I’d never met, but she knew my sister-in-law) who wanted to talk to me. (Did I mention I was trying to relax?) Her son had run away and said he was coming to Jacksonville, NC. He was 18 and legally there was nothing she could do, but she was obviously upset and wanted to know if I would go look for him.

What an impossible request! But, she was so upset, I agreed to go “look.” She told me what he looked like and what kind of truck he drove (a brown S-10 – not like there are many of those around right?) I figured the sooner I looked, the sooner I could resume my nap.

I rode from one end of town to the other, and just as I was getting ready to return home, in my rearview mirror there was a brown S-10. I slowed down so I could get a look at the driver and it was the kid! I followed him a couple of blocks to a little house and pulled in behind him (remember he’s never seen me before in his life).  I got out of my truck and called him by name.  He looked surprised, but said, “Yes sir?” I said, “You need to call your mom, she’s worried about you.” Again, he said “yes sir.”

I went back to the house to call his mom and tell her he was okay. He had already phoned her. Some guy, it seems, had shown up “out of the blue” and told him to.

I’ve seen the mom a couple times since then. Her son came home, they patched things up and he joined the Marine Corps.

You never know what impact you may have in someone’s life. So often, what we see as an irritation is actually an opportunity. Sometimes it may seem our efforts are pointless – and, often, we will not know how the story turns out, and of course not all have happy endings.

We never know when that opportunity to show God’s love is an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love to an angel. Sometimes, you may be serving in the role of an angel. He asked me to remind you 🙂

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