Lighten Your Load

When our son, Jared, was about four years old, we went to Pink Hill for their “Farmer’s Day” Celebration. One event they had for the little ones was a “tractor pull.” They had little pedal-powered tractors with trailers attached. The kids would take off pedaling with all their might – with a concrete block in their trailer. About every 15 feet they would have a block added.  The great big grins soon changed into grimaces and then finally exhaustion as the load would just get too heavy and, one by one, they would stop. 

As I looked on, I thought how much like life that competition was. So many times, we go through all kinds of stuff and the burden just gets heavier and heavier until we feel like we are hauling a load of blocks. Except our blocks have names like failed dreams, guilt, regret and all kinds of other things we seem to collect along the way.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone would take all those blocks of burden away? God has promised us He would do just that. We must come to the point where we admit the fact that we can’t goit alone and trust in Him. When we admit we can’t “fix it” and call on Him, He stands ready to, as David wrote, uphold our spirit and gives us His joy in return.

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