Isn’t It Ironic?

Several years ago, a young lady by the name of Alanis Morissette sang a song called “Isn’t it Ironic?” A friend gave me a copy of a CD he and his band did with a cover of that song and it reminded me of how much that tune catches my attention.

In the lyrics she asks questions which can bum you out if you think about it too much. It has lines like “it’s like rain on your wedding day . . . it’s like a free ride when you’ve already paid . . . it’s like good advice that you just didn’t take . . .” Well, you get the point.

I’d like to take a moment to turn the lens around so to speak. You know, most of us can name the wrongs and negative aspects of our lives a lot quicker than we can name the good things . . . isn’t it ironic that we have a hard time remembering the good?

It’s like a friend who calls “out of the blue”
It’s like a new talent you just found you can do,
It’s like a sunrise made just for you,
It’s like God saying don’t forget I love you.

Now isn’t THAT ironic?

Take a moment to count you blessings today.

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