You Can’t Have it Both Ways . . .

According to Barack Obama this week, a) the economy is in the dump & b) we small town Americans (read Rednecks) are driven by desperate times to cling to our guns and our “religion.”

Using logic (maybe foreign to politicians) a + b should equal church attendance and religion is way up. Why then are we having such a hard time getting folks to come in from their weekend getaways and other recreative activities?

Many of those who aren’t away, are worn out from all of their extracurricular activities during the week.

If the economy is as bad as we are told, we should have lines of folks waiting to get in. (Since they have to check their guns at the door.) We sure don’t want any gun play during the offertory hymn.

No, Mr. Obama, we don’t cling to our guns because of bad times, we do so because the Constitution tells us we can. As for “religion”, I don’t cling to mine, I stand on my faith. My Lord clings to me. And you are welcome to come hear me preach about Him any time.

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