Having Your Cake . . .

I heard a cute (true) story this week. A friend of mine shared this about his youngest daughter, Anna. 

One of the boys at her school (we’ll call him Johnny) got in trouble for saying a bad word. At lunch he sat across from Anna and asked her for her Oreo cake. She told him she would let him have it, but he had to say his blessing. He did, and she gave him the cake.

The next day she took an extra cake and told her dad she was going to give it to Johnny, but he would have to say his blessing first.

The third day, in the afternoon, Dad asked her if she shared a cake with Johnny – she said no, I didn’t take him one today, but I made him say his blessing anyway! And, he hasn’t gotten in trouble for saying bad words all week!

Just shows positive peer pressure works, doesn’t it? Way to go Anna!

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