“At the Foot of the Cross”

This past Tuesday, as a part of the NC Sheriff’s Chaplain Association conference, a group of us were treated to a trip to the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte. What an awesome trip that was! When you enter the library, you go through doors which are at the foot of a huge cross.

Words can not describe the collection of memorabilia & mementoes on display. The lives which have been touched by the Gospel message throughout the years as a result of the crusades, only God can measure.

But, just as the journey through the museum begins at the foot of the cross, so our own personal journey as believers, begins at the foot of the cross.

In the prayer garden, at the base of a walkway in the shape of a cross, Ruth Graham is buried – at the foot of the cross. As Christians our journey not only begins at the foot of the cross, it ends there.       

In between the place where we start and the place where we end, is the collection of our words and works. What a challenge to think of the display of each our live’s memorabilia and mementoes. Each day our actions add to the collection, every thing we say and every deed we do is there on display.  


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