What is Geocaching?

If you look at the link entitled “A Hobby” it will take you to geocaching.com.  

A lot of folks respond to that with, “huh?”

My wife has a t-shirt which describes it best – “I use multi-billion dollar military technology to look for tupperware hidden in the woods.” Essentially that’s it. A “cacher” will hide a container (preferably watertight) and then post the GPS coordinates on the web site. There is usually a theme or a story to go along with the cache and many are placed in beautiful or interesting places you may not otherwise visit. Once published, other cachers proceed to look for it, posting their “finds” online.

These containers range in size from a micro which is just a little larger than the eraser on the end of a pencil to an ammo can the size of a suitcase. (There may even be larger ones, but that’s the biggest we’ve found.)

Our favorite so far was one called “Bradley’s Rock Collection.” It was placed by a stream in the Pisgah National Forest where we camped, hiked and hunted for caches last summer. The container was the full of various rocks, minerals and fossils – each with a description. 

Kids love the hobby because it is like hunting for treasure. It can be good exercise and you meet some really nice folks along the way.  

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One Comment on “What is Geocaching?”

  1. Scandy Says:

    Haha that shirt sounds awesome. I want one! 🙂

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