Being Salt & Light

Have you made anyone thirsty lately?

I’ve been thinking lately of Jesus’ challenge for His people to be salt & light. We all know what salt does. It adds spice, preserves, cleanses, etc. That is challenging enough, to be sure. But one of the most common effects of salt is that it causes thirst.

As Jesus issued that challenge to His followers, I’m sure that was an aspect He had in mind. It was certainly a characteristic of Christ. When He prayed, others wanted to pray like Him. There were those who were jealous, meaning they wanted to be like Him as well, but were not willing to commit to the life which would give them that power.  

The challenge for us today is to go beyond the bland, ordinary life. To cause thirst, we should live in a way which creates a thirst in those we come in contact with on a daily basis. Then, we can be the light which leads them to the One Who is the Living Water.

(The painting is by Bernie Rosage – click on my favorite artist to visit his site!)


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