“How’s Your Connection?”

No matter what cellular company you use – sooner or later – you will run
into coverage issues.

As many cell towers as there are, it always seems we will spend some amount
of time in a place in a place where coverage is lacking.

I’ve noticed there is a correlation between the amount of battery usage and
the strength of the signal. When the signal is low, the battery will drain
very quickly.

This same truth applies to our spiritual life. The further get away from
God (the source of our strength) the more quickly we become drained.

Quite often, when we have a week signal with our cell phones, there isn’t
much we can do about it right then. However, the psalmist shares his cry
with us in Psalm 22:19, “But You, O Lord, do not be far from Me; O My
Strength, hasten to help Me!” That same prayer will work for you and I!

My prayer this week is each of us will be closer to the Source of strength
each and every day, and when you are feeling drained you will call on His

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