“‘Casting’ Cares”

“casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” – I Peter 5:7

My son, Jared, and I have been fishing buddies for his entire life.

When he was little, sometimes he would get a backlash when he was casting his line out. I always cautioned him to let me know when that happened and I would get the tangle out, not to try to untangle it himself.

However, on many occasions he would get the backlash and try to fix it and by the time he called me, it was a terrible mess –taking much longer for me to fix and sometimes resulting in having to cut the line. It always resulted in him getting more frustrated and discouraged. It was only after much angst and turmoil he would give it to me.

You know, God has asked us to give us cares and concerns. Why do we still fuss over them and try to fix them ourselves? We always wind up more frustrated and discouraged. God can always fix our problem, but at times we do damage to ourselves and others while carrying out our feeble efforts.

He tells us to give Him all of our troubles because He cares for us. Try Him. Trust Him. Cast away.

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