“Servant” vs. “Slave,” is more than just a matter of terminology. It should be an attitude and a way of life for the believer. Slave” by John MacArthur, is a well documented work which outlines what the life of a slave of Christ would look like.

MacArthur outlines the implications of the lordship of Christ, His role in our purchase, pardon, and adoption. And, our responsibility in each aspect of that relationship.

I mentioned this work is well documented. Each chapter has a wealth of footnotes. There are many in-text references as well. Those, at times, are overdone.

The message of the book is an important one for the modern Christian in America. We have, collectively, a “me first” attitude toward life and sadly to our relationship with God. Prayer requests are often selfish, salvation is all about the “mansion on the hilltop,” and service is seen as optional.

“Slave” should be read with humility and an open heart, that we may be “doers of the word and not hearers only.”

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