“The White Horse King – The Life of Alfred the Great” by Benjamin Merkle

Having never heard of King Alfred the Great, or the author, I was not sure what to expect from this book. What I found was a compelling page turner. It was not only well written, it was also very informative.

King Alfred lived and reigned in the 800’s and is responsible for the development of legal code, design of towns and warfare. We are given a short history of the Viking assaults on the Anglo Saxon people and countryside and the efforts of a Godly king who believed in protecting his people and standing with them against adversity.

He is not a man without fault however, and the author points that out for us as well.

As one who has never been a student of that era of England’s history, I found it refreshing the author took time to explain customs and practices without becoming boring or making the book read like a text book.

“The White Horse King” is a fascinating book and would make a great gift, but make sure to buy a copy for yourself as well.

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