Thankful for A Heart Attack

I was reading’s Wellness Connection Newsletter by Branda Polk which started me thinking about my thankfulness.

Of course I am thankful for my family, friends, church family, my work and material blessings, and so forth. But, she asks, “Do you consider struggles, difficulties, and loss opportunities for gratitude? Gratitude is so much more than a warm-fuzzy emotion we call up during happy times.”

I am well aware of the admonition in scripture to be thankful “in” things, and being thankful “for” all things is quite another thing altogether. Yet, there are so many opportunities for gratitude we overlook because they come our way in more of an “undercover” capacity.

I think of my own struggle this year with a heart attack and the aftermath of it. How could that be a blessing? Yes, it didn’t kill or cripple me, but beyond that, what is there to give thanks for?

Let me list just a few things.

– It prodded me to get back into shape in a healthy fashion. There are numerous folks who have taught and encouraged me to exercise and make healthy choices in eating.
– I met some great people through the rehab process who inspired me and hopefully, have been a blessing to them.
– Indeed I was given a second chance and am reminded everyday, I am here for a reason (this is true for all of us).
– I got some great sermon illustrations out of the whole thing (that may seem small, but you preachers know how it is!)

I want pass this challenge along today. Look beyond the outward appearance of your life experiences and find thankfulness in the challenges, struggles and difficult parts of your life. Some of the greatest blessings show up in some of the oddest ways.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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