Who’s your Hero?

Who are your heroes? Who do you try to pattern you life after?

As a child, my main hero was the Lone Ranger. I have photographs of me at about 4 or 5 years old, wearing the cowboy boots, the cowboy shirt, hat, and the six-shooter on my side. (Maybe that’s why it was so hard to transition to a semi-automatic!)

I wanted to walk like The Lone Ranger, talk like him and be like him. The trouble was the Lone Ranger was make believe. So many of our heroes are either not real (TV characters etc) or human beings with their own frailties and faults.

The Bible tells us, in Ephesians 5 to be “imitators of God.” We should desire to look like Him, act like Him, to love like Him. He is to be the hero we are to model our life after! Imagine what that would look like if you walked, talked, and acted like Him each and every day.

What a difference that would make in each of lives and those around us!

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