Everyday Greatness

“Everyday Greatness” is a collection of stories originally published in Reader’s Digest. There are seven life goals, each supported by three values for a total of 21 chapters. In each chapter there are stories from people who have demonstrated the application of these values and principles in overcoming challenges in their own life. Each chapter closes with a collection of quotes on the topic.

Some of these stories are from the lives of people whose names you know, from Reba McEntire to Joe Paterno to Henry David Thoreau. But, most of them are from people whose names are not widely known, yet they have impacted the lives of others from Nazi concentration camps to high school football fields in Texas and beyond.

Each of them is a story of inspiration and encouragement to do what is right for the sake of right and to take stand when everyone else has left the field.

The collection of quotes alone is worthy of the price of the book, but the stories which are profiles of applied virtues are ones you will want to read to your children and teach your students.

“Everyday Greatness” is great volume for reference as well as inspiration.

(I will be posting a few of these book reviews as a member of Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger Program J

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