At the Heart of the matter

This past Monday, I ran 3.5 miles. It felt pretty good, as opposed to the past couple of weeks, when I felt sluggish.

IMMEDIATELY, after I finished running, I felt a pressure in my chest that was unfamiliar. It wasn’t terrible, but it was uncomfortable.


It eased off, then returned, then eased off again. A co-worker said I looked pale, but my blood pressure and pulse were good.


I went to my family physician and he did an EKG, I was having a heart attack. I was taken by ambulance to one hospital, transferred to a helicopter and taken to the new Heart Center at Pitt Memorial Hospital.


They put a stent in and I was in my room in Cardiac ICU around 9 pm. I thank God for the prayers of friends, family, church family and as my future daughter-in-law put it “random people” she asked to pray for me.


I feel great, the prognosis is wonderful and I gathered a few sermon illustrations along the way. I came home today and I will post more a little later. For now, it is time for a rest J

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One Comment on “At the Heart of the matter”

  1. Rick Boyne Says:


    Wow! Praise the Lord you were already at the doctor’s office! Praise the Lord that you are OK! Praise the Lord!

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