Awesome Privilege

Monday evening, I had the amazing and awesome privilege of going to Camp Lejeune to pick up the son of a very dear friend as he returned from a 7 month deployment with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit. I was in the Corps from 1978-1982 and being aboard the base brought back a lot of memories – some good, some funny, some sad, some bad.

But, as I waited for Daniel, I got to spend time with a few of his friends. I met one young Marine wife – without a doubt the toughest job in the Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps has a proud tradition of leadership, service commitment and faithfulness to duty and to one another. That tradition is still firmly in place – and the Marine Corps of tomorrow is in good hands.

I was blessed to see meet these young men and spend time with them. I pray for them and their families and from one old Marine to all of you – Semper Fi.


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One Comment on “Awesome Privilege”

  1. craftycarepackages Says:

    I’m awaiting that day…just sent my fiance off last week for a 7 month tour in Iraq. May they all come home safely to their loved ones!

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