Barak Obama’s Problem

Well contrary to what may come to mind when you read the title of this posting – this is not about Sen. Clinton or even the rantings of Sen. Obama’s former pastor and spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright. It isn’t even political. In fact, I think it is a fairly common problem. It has to do with Sen. Obama’s comments in the aftermath of the Jeremiah Wright comments. Mr. Obama made two claims I will accept as fact. First, he said he regularly attended church. He also said he had never heard such comments made by his pastor. His problem was this – he was in church, but he didn’t know what the pastor said. I think that is a fairly common problem throughout America. As I thought on that, I considered what might be the general reasons. Please understand I am not saying these are the reasons Sen. Obama didn’t hear the comments by his pastor. These are just general speculation. There are some who do not hear the pastor because they are there for the sake of APPEARANCE. They go to church to be seen. When I was a police officer, I arrested a guy who told me he hung out with “old people and preachers” in case he ever needed an alibi. I think there may be folks who go to church for that same type of reason. They need the good reputation, or social standing which comes from attending a particular congregation. Another reason some folks do not hear the preacher is ARROGANCE. In their estimation they do not need to listen because they already know it all. Now, I am a pastor and I do not know it all. In fact, I don’t even know most of it. But, I continually dig into the Word and seek, by God’s Grace and the Holy Spirit more understanding. Lastly, some folks don’t hear because of APATHY. They don’t care what the preacher says. As long as he doesn’t come directly to them asking for more money or as long as the church boat ain’t rockin’ their attitude is one of, “just leave me alone.” When you go to church next Sunday, I hope you pay attention.

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2 Comments on “Barak Obama’s Problem”

  1. Quinn Hooks Says:

    If his comments are to be believed, he doesn’t pay attention when he reads the Scriptures either because he claims in an interview with CBN that Jesus would condone gay marriage!

  2. rebrev Says:

    Hi Quinn,
    You’re right. I heard his comments on his “pick & choose” interpretation of the authority of scripture. Maybe he slept through Jeremiah Wright’s expositional series on Romans? Or maybe Wright was too busy with those “other” sermons.

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