Pay attention please!

“ But he said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!” – Luke 11:28 

Have you ever been with someone who was more into their phone, or other electronic device, to listen to you?

It may have been over a meal as they texted someone else, checking their Facebook, or just talking to someone else on the phone.

It is so frustrating when that happens. Aside from being rude, it makes you feel as if your company isn’t enough. They are communicating your presence is not as important as the one they are texting, Tweeting, or any number of people on the Facebook scene.

We hate to be the “victim” of such behavior; however, do we not do the same thing to God? How many times are we too busy to talk or hear from Him? Even times we set aside to read His word or pray, do we not get distracted and think about other things?

The verse above reminds us we are blessed when we take time to hear from Him. And who doesn’t want a blessing?!

My prayer this week is that you will pause, and be blessed, as your read His word -and keep it.

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