“The Carnelian Legacy” by Cheryl Koevoet 

This book is a romance, not an adventure novel.

That being said, romance is not my genre. This book was a suggested by BookLookBloggers when I ordered another, which was indeed an adventure. So, please keep that in mind as you read this review, which is not all that flattering.

The formula for this book has been done and redone, girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, different boy enters the picture and there is the tension between them. This is set in an imaginary place called Carnelia, and the two guys are from differing sides of a political dynasty, but the setting could be the Antebellum South, Colonial America, etc.

It is surprising the whole population of Carnelia isn’t suffering from malaria, as it appears to rain there every day; however, the moon comes out at night.

There is a bit of a twist at the end but it is fanciful and may be just the kind of thing you would like if you read romance novels.

Thomas Nelson provides a free copy of these books for review through their “Booklook Blogger” Program www.booklookbloggers.com ; however, I am (obviously) not required to give a positive review of the book.

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