Praying for Law Enforcement Officers

“… for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.” –
Romans 13:4   

This is Law Enforcement Memorial Week. The Statewide Memorial Service was held Tuesday in New Bern where officers lost in the past year were honored and all were remembered. Last year we lost three in North Carolina. Jason Crisp of the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office and US Forestry Service, Alexander Thalmann of New Bern Police Department, and Jeff Greene of the Union County Sheriff’s Office. Jeff was a former student and great friend.

This very week, a Wildlife Officer from Henderson County was brutally and severely beaten while checking fishing licenses. An officer in Cornelius was shot by a 16 year old who was wearing a bullet proof vest and sang “I shot the sheriff” after attempting to murder the officer. An officer in New York was shot and killed in an ambush, an Idaho officer was shot and killed during a traffic stop, and a Pennsylvania officer was killed in a head on collision by a driver going the wrong way on the highway.

Each of these guys have families and co-workers whose lives are forever changed.

In addition, the media is packed full of stories of allegations (most later proven false) of wrongdoing by officers. Those officers who are involved in criminal activity or abuse of their office should be, and most often are, prosecuted to the fullest allowed by law. (While some in the media would have us think that is a common occurrence, it is a tiny, tiny percentage.)

I’d like to take this time week to ask you to lift up ALL law enforcement officers in prayer.

Please pray for the families (blood family and “Blue” family) of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice as “God’s servants.”
Please pray for those assaulted and wounded, that their bodies would heal, and their health be restored, quickly and completely.
Please pray for each officer, deputy, trooper, agent (whatever title they may have). You see, they have the same issues you do. (I know many of you reading this are NOT law enforcement officers). They have marital problems, sick children, aging parents, financial issues, health issues of their own, and the other myriad of problems this life brings.
Please pray that amidst all the abuse at the hands of uninformed politicians (most looking for someone to blame besides their own failed policies), ignorant media, deviant glory hounds (I had to think a while to clean that one up), and an often unappreciative community the good officers will remember why they are doing the job in the first place.

In addition to all the recent events, there are things law enforcement officers see every day no one should ever see.
These officers are the ones who respond to that call where the father kills his infant child.
They are the ones who tell the parents their child, just days from graduating high school, was killed in a traffic crash.
They are the ones who are first at the scene of the teenager who, fearing disappointing her parents, takes her own life.
They are the ones whose heart hurts every time a parent says to their child, “See that policeman? He will take you to jail if you don’t behave.” Yes, it may seem original and funny to some, but every officer knows that is another brick in the wall of mistrust and fear in the life of that little one.
They are, indeed, the “thin blue line” between unimaginable evil and you.

Pray for them. Pray for us.

Next time you see one, say “thank you” and say a prayer for that officer and the agency.

My prayer this week (and every day) is for my Brothers and Sisters in blue.

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3 Comments on “Praying for Law Enforcement Officers”

  1. Sandra Kirkland Says:

    Great article Bob!!

  2. Wanda Smythe Says:

    Amen. That is the truth.

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