It Ain’t In There #1

“My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.” – Psalm 121:2   

I’m going to start a series this week I’ll call “Things You Thought Were in the Bible – But Aren’t.” (I guess I shouldn’t expect to see bumper stickers popping up with that on there, huh?) However, these are things a lot of folks have always heard, been told, or assumed were in the Bible.

For example, today’s is – “God helps those who help themselves.”


While God does not expect us to sit on our hands and wait to be spoon fed like a baby, the philosophy behind this one is flawed.

You see, God helps us when we realize we CANNOT help ourselves. When we realize we are finite, limited creatures with very little understanding of the deeper things of life, we come to the knowledge we can only call on Him in our time of need.

Most often, as long as we try to “fix” things or handle them ourselves, He will let us flounder on our own. When it finally dawns on us, we are making a bigger mess out of things and hand it over to Him, He will do what needs to be done.

This is deep and I’ve made it very simplistic, sometimes we are left to struggle to teach us a lesson, to strengthen our faith, and at times to discipline us – after all, He is the Heavenly Father.

The verse for today reminds us our help, even the strength we use to “help ourselves” comes from God.

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One Comment on “It Ain’t In There #1”

  1. Sandra Kirkland Says:

    An article written by a cousin…thought you may enjoy it…it took me many years of making messies out of circumstances before I finally learned to give them to God before I made the mess, and He made miracles happen…

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