“Kidnapped by the Taliban” – by Dilip Joseph with James Lund

“Kidnapped by the Taliban” was a very good read.

The book is written very much in the style of a man just telling the intriguing story of what happened to him.

Because of that style, the reader gets drawn into the emotion of the events. The fear of the initial capture, the relief in discovering death isn’t immediate, the isolation of not understanding the language, and so on.

The story begins when Dr. Joseph is in Afghanistan to help the local people learn how to better themselves and have a brighter future when he and two Afghan nationals are kidnapped by the Taliban. The account unfolds over the next few days as they travel from one location to the other, never knowing whether they will be killed, ransomed, or sold to other terrorists.

Obviously, he survives or there would not be a book about it, but I won’t ruin the end of the story for you.

I enjoyed reading this book and I think you will as well.  

Thomas Nelson provides a free copy of these books for review through their “Booklook” Program www.booklookbloggers.com ; however, I am not required to give a positive review of the book.

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One Comment on ““Kidnapped by the Taliban” – by Dilip Joseph with James Lund”

  1. Eileen Garbett Says:

    I think I would like to read this book. Thanks for the insight about the book.

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