“The Samson Syndrome”

“The Samson Syndrome – What You Can Learn From the Baddest Boy in the Bible” by Mark Atteberry was as much a pleasure as “The Solomon Seduction.”

In this offering Atteberry breaks down the life of a famous failure from the scriptures – Samson. Chosen by God, and given a call to deliver God’s chosen people, Samson serves self and never gets around to fulfilling the calling on his life.

Atteberry breaks the material down into twelve tendencies for the modern man – like “The Solomon Seduction” it is geared toward men, and (again) there is much content female readers could benefit from as well.

Some of the tendencies the author identifies and explores

  • Strong Men Tend to Disregard Boundaries
  • Strong Men Tend to Struggle with Lust
  • Strong Men Tend to Ignore Good Advice
  • Strong Men Tend to Use Anger as a Tool
  • Strong Men Tend to Have Big Egos
  • Strong Men Tend to Take too Much for Granted

All of these are backed up by examples from the life of Samson.

In each section, Atteberry provides warning signs and signals of the condition as well as ways to remedy and return to closer walk with God.

Also included in the book is a study guide for use in small groups.

“The Samson Syndrome” is a timely work and well worth the read by any man who is concerned about the temptations in the world today. It, too, will guide you back in repentance, or keep you on track. I recommend it.

(I will be posting a few of these book reviews as a member of Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger Program J

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