The New Spirit-filled Life Bible

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The New Spirit-filled Life Bible



The “New Spirit-filled Life Bible edited by Jack Hayford is a study Bible with the focus on the role of the Holy Spirit. There are many good notes throughout this Bible. I liked the word helps which are linked to the Strong’s Concordance reference numbers.

The key study notes are in “Clusters.” Some of these (with examples of entries under that heading) are “Spiritual Foundation Precepts” (The Word of God and the Blood of the Covenant), “Personal Growth Precepts” (Growing in Knowing God and Godliness in Moral Purity), “Spiritual Stewardship Precepts” (Seed Faith and God’s Plan for Abundance). There are nine of these clusters with authors such as Jack Hayford, Pat Robertson, James Robison, and Oral Roberts.

I do have some concerns with some of the notes which are written from a decidedly Pentecostal point-of-view. For instance, in the note on Acts 1:8, it says that some of the disciples could have spoken in unknown tongues since the Scriptures do not say specifically that all 120 spoke in known languages which were known to the hearers. There were 120 speakers and only “about a dozen languages” were identified by those in the audience on that day. This is a slippery slope and can lead to all sorts of interpretations of various verses.

However, that being said I believe the intended audience for this Bible are those with more charismatic beliefs.

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