“Wild Grace”

“Wild Grace” What Happens When Grace Happens by Max Lucado and adapted for youth by James Lund is a great read.

This book goes step by step through the process of accepting, accessing, and applying God’s grace in our life. It is well documented with scripture and packed with appropriate illustrations.

I’ve not read – yet – the original work by Lucado, but even though this book has been adapted by James Lund, it still reads as easily as a Lucado work.

He addresses the need for grace in our life – no matter how good we might think we are, as well as the abundance of grace for us – no matter how bad we might think we have been. The illustrations will help drive the truths contained in the book home no matter the age of the reader; however, I think the teen reader will see the application more clearly through the use of the many stories used to help make the point.

I would recommend this study as a part of any women’s group. It is written so one does not have to be an experienced group leader to make effective use of it.  

Thomas Nelson provides a free copy of these books for review through their “Booksneeze” Program www.booksneeze.com ; however, I am not required to give a positive review of the book.

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