MacArthur: America’s General by Mitchell Yockelson and Stephen Mansfield


Are leaders born or made? This question dogs the student of leadership like the proverbial, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

In “MacArthur: America’s General” by Mitchell Yockelson and Stephen Mansfield, the question receives no definitive answer. “Both,” seems to be the proper answer in the case of Douglas MacArthur.

This well researched work gives the background of the making of the man whom many came to know and love for his military endeavors during World War II; however, we learn there was so much more to him than the military record. His love for his family, literature, and other everyday aspects of life are often overlooked by historians who focus on the storied Army career of MacArthur.

This book not only gives much detail to the life of “America’s General,” but also there is much info about the battles and background to place the exploits in a proper context. This is accomplished without being tiresome or tedious.

I recommend this work whether one is a military history buff or not.      

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