Mountain Moving God

“Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart…” – Luke 18:1

I saw a church sign recently which read, “God moves mountains. Sometimes one shovel full at a time.”

As I pondered that thought, it occurred to me how often we want the whole mountain gone at once; so we can get to wherever it was we were going, or do whatever it was we were doing.

But, God’s schedule is seldom in synch with ours. Hence, the need for patience (which we recently discussed). When we pray for the mountain to be moved, and God chooses to do it one shovel full at a time, don’t forget He is still moving the mountain.

If a loved one is sick, and we pray for healing, typically we want that healing to take place now. But, what if it takes a year, or two, or more? Is God still not the author of that healing?

If you are praying for something – whatever the need – remember the One who taught us to pray did so with the intention we would persist in prayer and not lose heart.


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