Watch Your Step!

“Ponder the path of your feet, And let all your ways be established.” –
–           Proverbs 4:26

Recently my class completed the annual trek up Mt. Pisgah which is located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Western North Carolina. (A couple of you who read this were along for the climb and will relate first hand to this!)

Pisgah isn’t Mt. Everest, but it is a bit of challenge and it does take preparation, physically and mentally. And, once the trek begins, it takes care. Care to watch the trail and to literally “watch your step.” There are loose rocks and the path isn’t always straight and there are other potential dangers along the way. So, if one isn’t careful, it is possible to get into trouble in a whole lot of ways.

With the proper preparation and care, the climb is great experience with a wonderful view from the top.

The verse above gives us the same advice about a journey much more important than any mountain hike and that is LIFE.

To “ponder” means to think about it, but it is more than that. It means to give considered thought to a thing. Mental preparation and thoughtful follow through.

The “path of your feet.” This may seem like it goes without saying, but I have discovered where my feet go, the rest of me follows. Of course, we know that for walking, however in day to day living we often spend a lot of time pondering (or dare I say worrying) over the outcome of various aspects of our life which would be taken care of if we just pondered where we are going with our actions and behavior.

We worry about this and that, “what will happen to me, or mine,  if that occurs”, “what about that?” The same is true on the mountain. You can worry about falling over the edge, but if you watch your step…

If we do the right thing, in the right way at the right time (watch our step) those other things will take care of themselves.

That is what the verse means when it says all of our ways will be established.

My prayer is that you will be reminded to watch your step, ponder each one and, in turn, God will bless you with a great journey. To be sure, there will challenges and a few rough places, but He’ll be there with you and get you safely home. And, the reward is worth the journey!

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