Everyone Communicates, Few Connect (book review)

There is a training exercise which is based on an old Native American practice using the “Talking Stick.” In it, folks sit in a circle and the only one who is allowed to speak is the one holding the “Talking Stick.” When that person finishes, he passes it to the next speaker and she is the only one who can speak until she passes it along, etc.

In John Maxwell’s “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” he used the Talking Stick approach to write the book. In so doing, not only did he communicate his message, he connected with his audience by posting the chapters on his website then inviting comments from readers. Thousands participated and some even had comments included in the book (mine are on the bottom of p. 239).

Maxwell draws on his years of experience as a communicator to audiences from one to thousands to offer valuable lessons not only on why we should connect, but how to do it. The book is divided into two major sections on Connecting Principles and Connecting Practices. He closes each chapter with pointers on how to apply specific lessons covered in a setting of one-on-one, small group and larger audiences.

“Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” is vintage Maxwell and is well worth the read.

(I do these book reviews as a member of Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger Program)

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