“Broken, but growing”

And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to make.” Jeremiah 18:4

As the orthopedist looked at the x-ray, he pointed to a section of bright white material. “That’s where the break is. That white material is new growth. When there is enough new growth, we’ll take that thing off your arm.”

Well, that was good news. All I had to do was concentrate on growing new bone!

As I pondered this concept, it dawned on me that our walk with Christ is often very similar. Sometimes, we must be broken to grow. Broken hurts – but broken heals. When it does, if we have responded properly to His leading and direction, we are closer to Him and made more like Him.

At times we become broken because of our actions and stupidity (I can give you personal examples). Sometimes, it is to mold us and prevent us from growing in the wrong direction.

“Brokenness” can be physical, but we may also be broken professionally, financially or in our relationships. Regardless of the source of pain, the source of healing is the same – God. In the verse above, Jeremiah sees the image of a potter working at his wheel. When the creation was “out of shape,” the potter would “break it” and rework it to the desired form. Please note – the potter didn’t throw the vessel away!

Maybe you are going through a “broken” period right now. It’s possible you are emerging from such a time – or standing on the brink of one. Whatever the case, my prayer for you this week is that you will first experience the healing which comes from His hand, and sense the new spiritual growth which follows. Above all, remember when you are His – God will never throw you away!

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