The Power of Respect

I was not really sure what to expect when I began reading “The Power of Respect” – except the discussion is one which is desperately needed in our culture today. Deborah Norville’s approach is not the “tolerance at any cost” message we so often hear under the banner of respect today. Rather, respect begins with self and is best earned when given. She goes on to discuss the setting of expectations and demonstrating leadership in helping other meet those expectations. Respect is earned, but it can also be learned.

There are plenty of examples of the “Power of Respect” implemented and the results are encouraging. Most everyone will be able to identify with someone in the book. I would imagine people who take the time to read the book will be ones who already practice respect, but if every reader is able to inspire one other person to learn and practice respect – it will make a profound difference.

I did not find “The Power of Respect” to be an easy read, I’m not sure if it was the meat of the subject or the style – but I do believe it is worth it. I would recommend every parent, teacher, business owner and anyone else is a leadership role read this book.

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