Are YOU Still Here?

After last week’s heart attack episode, a lot of people have said something like “God must have more for you to do,” or “God must not be finished with you yet.”

I’ve given that a lot of thought, and I’d like to share a little about those thoughts. First, let me point out these thoughts are everyday musings, not some product of a “death bed” experience. No brightly lit tunnels, no visions – just some discomfort in my chest followed by a great deal of medical activity, followed by a protected period of time of thinking.

The truth is God does have more for me to do in this life. Not because I’m a pastor, or a mentor, or a teacher – but because I am His child. In fact, His list for me today is the same as it was the day before the heart attack. I was certainly surprised by that event – but God wasn’t.

He knew what March 30, 2009 would hold for me the day I was born, the day I was saved, the day I was married, the day I became a father.

And – He knows all that about you as well. So, while it is true God has more for me to do – the same thing is true for you. Why are YOU still here? There is a reason, because God makes no mistakes.

My prayer for you is that will find that purpose and live wide open as long as He allows.

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