Modern Tower of Babel?

First, let me confess I am no nuclear physicist – I’m just a rocket fuel scientist (okay, I’m not that either). My knowledge of physics is limited to the application of how vehicles behave in a crash.

That confession being made, I have been reading some of the laymen’s articles about the Large Hadron Collider. You may have heard it referred to as the “atom smasher” or “Doomsday Machine.” There was some controversy over its start-up this past summer. It is a machine designed to break down particles into the sub-atomic level. All this in an effort to get to the bottom of where life originated, no doubt so that we can put this idea of God and Creation to rest once and for all.

When they first fired it up last year, it broke down and now the plans are to fix it and get back to smashing atoms this coming summer.

There are some nuclear physicists who, after much math have determined that the by-product of this effort may very well be to create little black holes. You’ve read about them in outer space. They supposedly suck in matter until they collapse on themselves. The argument is made that if they are created, they would begin to draw in all the matter around them.

All of this is “above my pay grade” as our president answered when asked when life begins. However, if it all is possible and, according to some of these scientists, probable, could this be the modern equivalent to the Tower of Babel? It all sounds very familiar, man trying to attain the place of God. I know from Scripture our end is not to get sucked into a black hole, but I also know God is an awesome, Holy Creator Who will not allow man or any other part of creation to take His place.

By the way, I’m sure the Maytag Man isn’t the one who fixes this machine and it didn’t come from Circuit City – so the expense has got to be enormous. I wonder if our government has put any money into it and if so how much. Maybe they could sell it and use the money to fund one of these huge bailout proposals.

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