The Other Double-Standard


Much has been said in the past week about John McCain VP pick – Sarah Palin. She has been slammed in many ways which would not even be considered if she were a man. All of these issues have been raised other places and I’m not going to rehash them here – except to say that I think it shows how desperate her opponents have become.

However, I have watched with interest the “other double-standard” unfold largely ignored in the mainstream press. In the past few days I’ve seen national media reports direct attention to the fact that she was baptized in the Catholic church. Yet, we are told that Obama’s attendance at Muslim schools in Jakarta during his formative years was irrelevant.

The National press has made an issue of about her pastor’s views about the rapture (which can be supported through Biblical interpretation). Yet, when Obama’s pastor Wright said AIDS was introduced by the white man to get rid of blacks, we are told you can’t hold the congregant accountable for the preacher’s views.

I’m not surprised at any of this – I’m just surprised that some folks apparently think we are so stupid we won’t see through their (thinly) veiled attempts to direct public opinion.

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