A sad statistic indeed . . .

I appreciate the good work Ed Stetzer and his staff does to keep a finger on the pulse of the Southern Baptist Convention. There are others, such as George Barna, who do so on the public at large. Their work in interesting, some of it challenging but, quite honestly, some of their work makes me sad.

Ed and the folks at Lifeway Research released the results of a study this week which showed that 97% of the SBC pastors polled strongly believed the Bible to be the inspired Word of God. That’s good. (100% would be great)

Of those in the pews, research showed “only 76 percent of adults who attend an SBC church at least once a month strongly agree that ‘the Bible is the authoritative source of truth and wisdom for daily living.'” (Baptist Press 8/26/08)

Translated, I think that means they think the Bible is true, just not for them. The result is a modern Pharisee we see in too many professing Christians today. They believe the Bible is true for others. Others are supposed to obey God’s Word, but they, somehow, have Divine Dispensation to neglect the assembling together for worship and fellowship. The result is an inability to forgive, to be the witnesses we are called to be and a failure to make disciples of new Christians.

As pastors, preachers and teachers of the Word, we must never fail to make that connection between God’s Word and the life of His people. As students, we must heed James words to be “not only hearers, but doers of the Word.”


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One Comment on “A sad statistic indeed . . .”

  1. Les Puryear Says:

    This reflects the attitude of a former member of my church who, when asked about their view on sex before marriage, said, “The biblical view is the ideal, but it’s unrealistic.”


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